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Collab with Wacky Bird Art

creating big artwork for murals

the client

Wacky Bird Art is creating big murals indoors and outdoors. The illusionist artworks are used in places like adventure parks, indoor playgrounds, museums etc. The paintings often feature story-telling elements, fantasy elements or historically relevant imagery from the region they’re commissioned for. Those huge paintings (digitally or traditionally created) take lots of time to create, that’s why Wacky Bird Art commissions multiple artists to work on those paintings.

the project

So far I was comissioned with two projects

  • painting of a magical forest scene for a birthday room for the Kultur- und Begegnungszentrum Schlüchtern (January 2023)

  • for the same project I painted some elements of a forest scene (January 2023)

  • painting of a scenic panorama view of the Harz region (Germany) for Hexentanzplatz Thale (June 2023)

magical birthday room

digital painting, mural size: 15 m x 2,5 m

In the newly constructed Kultur- und Begegnungszentrum Schlüchtern there’s a adventure world for families with children. All of the rooms are decorated with themed murals. This one is for a room designed to host children’s birthday parties and is set in a magical forest world. I was provided with a rough sketch and the background illustration. My job was to draw, detail, add own ideas, and then render everything in color. 

forest scene

digital painting

For the same project – but a different room – I painted multiple elements for a forest scene that features animals and plants from the region.


digital painting, size: 24 m x 2,5 m

For Hexentanzplatz Thale, I painted a panoramic view of the Harz region. I was provided with a quite detailed colored sketch, so my main job was to detail and render everything out in the final size.