about me

Hi, I am Melina.
I am a freelance artist and graphic designer based in Germany.


I loved being creative from the moment I could hold a pen. It took many years to realize I could make a career out of that. I then decided to study graphic design.

I’ve been working in the industry since 2017 and am self-employed since 2020. I love working with my diverse clients and their individual projects. I considered illustration as a hobby for many years because I was stuck thinking I couldn’t make money as an illustrator. But then I discorvered there is actually a demand for illustration amongst my clients. That’s when I started to sign more illustration contracts. So I’m currently on my way to shift my projects even more towards illustration.

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Art is my safe haven, my relaxation, recreation and creative outlet. That’s why I always work on my own projects in my free time. When working on my personal art I can let perfectionism slide and create raw and pure artworks.

I get inspiration from nature, books, music and everyday life.

My paintings consist of anything that speaks to me. I’m experimenting with different media a lot or work on my technical skills. Oftentimes my illustrations reflect my emotions. Other times I like to tell a story that’s on my mind (concept art). I have a soft spot for painting beloved memories from my travels or daily life (urban sketching). And lastly, this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my love for fanart.

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